Kasus human resource management

The research method used is survey method with type of associative research, and case study.

Kasus human resource management

Pura Barutama and identify weaknessesand give recommendation for these weaknesses.

Kasus human resource management

Research method used isdescriptive method with a case study approach. The method used for collect dataare interview, documentation, questionnaire and observation.

Data analyzingprocess use qualitative analysis method which is grouping the findings into 4 four categories, that are criteria, condition, cause, effect. Audit scopediscussed in this research cover 11 eleven functions, which are 1 humanresource planning, 2 recruitment, 3 selection and orientation, 4 training anddevelopment, 5 career planning and development, 6 perfomance assesment, 7 compensation, 8 protection and occupational health, 9 job satisfaction, 10 company and employee relationship, 11 work termination.

PuraBarutama are effective in accordance with applicable policy and regulation. There are 8 eight functions that already effective, which are human resourceplanning, recruitment, selection and orientation, career planning anddevelopment, perfomance assesment, job satisfaction, company and employeerelationship, and work termination.

Three functions that may not be effective aretraining and development, compensation, and protection and occupational health.

Successful project management involves complex collaboration with. disparate although related internal operations. Successful project managers, and human resource professionals who work with them, must call forth skills in leadership, organization, planning, and understanding of the essential aspects of project management. Human Resource PERHATIAN: Seluruh Jurnal yang saya posting di sini adalah Jurnal Gratis yang saya kumpulkan dari berbagai Situs Journal yang sebenarnya dapat anda cari sendiri. management. It has traditionally been regarded as personnel function, almost totally administrative in orientation. Even in this capacity, human resource management is not regarded highly. A survey undertaken in showed managers’ perceptions of the human resource audits, human resource development and planning.

Based on the weaknesses found, the author gives some recommendations andimprovements to be used by PT. Pura Barutama as consideration in humanresources management. Management audit, human resources function, effectiveness, criteria, cause, effect, recommendation.Please note: This case study was compiled from published sources, and is intended to be used as a basis for class discussion.

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It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. Related Book Epub Books Tiga Belas Kasus The Thirteen Problem Indonesian Edition: Free Style A Direct Approach To Writing - Best Indian Thai Vietnamese And More Slow Cooker Recipes - Human Resource Management Concepts And Practices Wiley Series In Management - Value The Four Cornerstones Of Corporate Finance.

Environmental management at the operational processes of business (SMEs), has a positive influence on the sustainability of SMEs in the short term and long term. Green human resource management (Green HRM) is one tool that can be used to manage labor SMEs involving environmental aspects.

They now have organizations that focus on the customer information-management process, the product management process, the customer relationship-management process, the business information and analysis process, and the package management process.

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These changes did not happen overnight, because the organization was very large. Give your people the best experience from before their first day to their last. To create the human resources quality can produce profiles or models used for individual performance management, acceptance or placement and career development so that the human resource development of high quality and utilized fully give one the opportunity to run the creative economy as an economic concept in the era The new economy that.

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