Beth brant writing as witness

Ghostwriters[ edit ] Consistent with other Stratemeyer Syndicate properties, the Nancy Drew novels were written by various writers, all under the pen name Carolyn Keene. The Syndicate was able to enlist the cooperation of libraries in hiding the ghostwriters' names; when Walter Karigwho wrote volumes eight through ten of the original Nancy Drew Mystery Storiestried to claim rights with the Library of Congress inthe Syndicate instructed the Library of Congress not to reveal the names of any Nancy Drew authors, a move with which the Library of Congress complied.

Beth brant writing as witness

Oddly enough, this was years before either of us learned about my Asperger Syndrome. To be fair, if you could design a stereotypical atheist it would probably look like me.

In terms of gender, age bracket, ethnicity, level of beth brant writing as witness and country of birth, I fall into the categories that are either low down on the rankings of religious faith, or right at the bottom. So how do I match up my helplessly logical, fact-driven brain with a lifestyle that depends largely on belief in the unseen?

The main religion I will refer to will be Christianity, since this is mine. With that said, I suspect several of my points will be transferable across religions. This is absolutely a topic worth discussing. However, I will not be entering into any debates or arguments.

So, off we go. My mathematics degree brought me closer to God. I have always wanted answers. That said, there seems to be a disproportionate number of Aspies who think this way.

I remember one November 5th at university, when I was watching the fireworks with a friend. Whilst watching the awesome explosions, I told her how amazing I thought it was that the firework designers know exactly what materials to put in, what quantities and which order, all to design a chemical burning reaction which looks pleasing to the eye.

Ironically, she was the atheist in the conversation. And a mathematics student. Because that was always something that bothered me before university: Honestly, the deeper I looked into mathematics and its uncompromising logic, the more I appreciated how beautifully God crafted the universe.

Perhaps the most memorable example of maths helping me with my faith was during a Sunday school session I was helping at. The conversation went something like this: And suddenly, an answer flashed into my head. At what point in history did one plus one start equalling two?

I think those sums would have been correct whether the universe was around to see it or not. You know what attracted me to maths? Tomorrow a better theory might come along and replace it. Mathematics is the only subject in the whole universe where you can ever have absolute proof.

Faith that my family loves me.

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FRINGE REVIEWS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER - Winnipeg Free Press Aboriginal or Native peoples, Indians, women. The contents of this book include essays and writings that are based on or were the basis of speeches or lectures she has given.

Faith that gravity really is what we think it is. Every non-mathematical thing I ever meet requires a leap of faith. But the more facts you can use to build a bridge, the shorter the remaining leap becomes.

Facts and research can decide whether that leap is the length of an ant like the faith required to believe in gravity or the length of the Grand Canyon like the amount of faith I would need to believe the earth is flat.

Unfortunately, I recognise that for some people any leap is a leap too far. I was astounded that this once-unshakable atheist was so close to becoming a Christian — he even tried coming to church.

Ultimately though, he did not become a Christian. Apparently, no matter how far you go with your research, faith remains a very personal choice.

The study even suggests it is generally non-religious folk who perpetuate the stereotype. Allow me to explain.“I am a Mohawk lesbian,” Beth Brant proudly states in Writing as Witness, “These two identities are parts of who I am.” Brant has written powerful fiction documenting a form of cultural genocide which is the destruction of traditions, values, language, and other elements which make one group of people distinct from other groups.

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beth brant writing as witness

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Writing as Witness by Beth Brant